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Featured Product

The Amazing ST247

Our ST247 glues nearly everything...wood, plastic, tile, fabric, corrugated, many metals, many vinyl applications, PVC, even stone and masonry, wood to concrete, and more. Combine our ST247 with our GG1100 or GG220 Glue Gun and you will have a high-performance adhesive applied with a high- performance glue gun that will provide industrial-type bonds. One stick - one gun.

Glue Guns


We do glue. We do glue guns. Want an air-powered glue gun for high-speed operations? Or an economical glue gun for crafters and hobbyists.

Do you use glue sticks?

If you are a distributor or supplier of quality hot melt glue sticks, you probably already know about Westix HotRods.

HotRods are versatile. A variety of time tested formulations empower these hot melt glue sticks for use in almost any application, on any material.

HotRods work best. Whether fast or slow setting, high or low temperature, Westix glue is the highest quality in the industry.

We also supply hot-melt glue guns and glue squares.

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